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Special Business Meeting

July 17, 2016 @ 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

The Elders of Origins Community have called a special business meeting for the purpose of holding a vote of affirmation concerning amendments to Origins’ bylaws.

Our bylaws are our governing document. They define roles and responsibilities within Origins Community as well as define the reason the organization exists, its scope and bring clarification on how to make major business decisions together as a community. The last several months, as we’ve made exciting changes to Origins’ structure and mission, the Elders have been careful to act within our current bylaws to move toward what we believe God is leading us into. However, to fully operate as a decentralized community of faith, established by the autonomous efforts of its adherents and governed by a team of Elders we need to make amendments to our bylaws so that our future actions and our bylaws are in agreement.

The Elders have unanimously agreed to the proposed changes and are asking the Covenant Community (i.e. Active Members) to vote in favor of accepting the amended bylaws in whole. When small or specific amendments are requested, individual parts are often voted on. In this case, the requested bylaw amendments redefine the organization as well as roles within the organization. For that reason, we are requesting a single vote of affirmation to accept the proposed bylaws as Origins’ new governing document.

Here are links to the current and proposed bylaws for your consideration:

Overview of major changes
While the proposed amendments make several changes, the following are an overview of the major structural and philosophical changes.

  • Governed by plurality – Under the current bylaws, Origins’ leadership structure has a strong emphasis on the role and leadership of a Lead Pastor. Under the proposed bylaws, the emphasis of leadership will be on a plurality of leadership where each Elder has equal say and are responsible for the governance of Origins Community. Under the new model, the Elders will seek to be unanimous in the major governing decisions of the church.
  • Decentralization, promoting autonomy – In the past, Origins has operated as a centralized community. That is, it met in a centralized place for worship and the mission was facilitated by encouraging people to come and be part of the programs and services it led and provided. Under the proposed amendments, Origins would be a decentralized community of faith, promoting autonomy. That is, as a decentralized church Origins would exist to promote, facilitate and resource what Origins as a people are doing in their local spaces. Instead of providing centralized activities in a particular space or being driven by a centralized and hierarchal leadership structure, Origins would promote and facilitate what people are doing to grow Christian spirituality in their own communities. Origins would encourage the autonomous pursuits of its adherents. Instead of looking to Origins as an organization for direction or permission, Origins adherents would take personal responsibility to seek the living God and to cooperate with the Holy Spirit by being images and conduits of their creator in their local communities.
  • Scalability – The current bylaws were prepared and adopted with the assumption that Origins would be a church in Boulder, CO. The proposed bylaws do not restrict, and even facilitate, Origins ability to geographically grow as a community far beyond Boulder, Colorado and even the United States.

To vote in the upcoming business meeting regarding these proposed changes you have to be an active member. If you have not had a chance to affirm your active status by reviewing and accepting the Community Covenant, please email ryan@originscommunity.com. The deadline to affirm active membership for this upcoming vote is Wednesday July 13, 2016.


July 17, 2016
11:00 am - 1:00 pm


Origins Community


The Williams’ house
3100 Meadowbrook Pl.
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